Skibbereen (often known as Skibb) is located in County Cork approximately 50 minutes drive from Cork city.

The name Skibbereen meaning little boat harbour is often called the capital of west cork. Around this area of west cork the visitor will find many attractive harbours and fishing villages as well as beautiful beaches.

Located in the town centre is the famous Skibbereen Heritage centre which is built within the old Gasworks building.

The heritage centre has two Exhibitions within the building. The Great Famine Commemoration Exhibition informs the visitor of the tragic time of the 1840's known as the Great hunger.

Up to date multimedia technology is used to help inform the visitor of the tragic events in this period

One of the worst effected towns was Skibbereen and local people were used to tell the facts of the great hunger.

The Lough Hyne Visitor centre has a very interesting visual and audio technology to tell the story of the Marine nature reserve (Ireland's first), with it's salt water marine lake. It also gives information on the history of the old gasworks.

In Skibbereen there are also historical walks which gives the visitor the chance to find out facts about the history of Ireland through the medium of Skibbereen, with many facts about the Famine period.

The historical walks start from the heritage centre twice a week, normally on Tuesdays and Saturdays at about 18.30pm. It takes approximately 1.5 hours and costs about five euro.





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