picture of Cork's english Market



picture of Cork Market fountain

Market Fountain (above)


Cork city's English market is so called named to distinguish it from Cork's Irish market (St Peter's market located on the site of the Bodega at Conmarket street). Cork city's English market is one of the oldest markets in the Europe.

It dates back to James the first reign around 1611, but today's building to the late 1780's. It was badly damaged by fire in nineteen eighty and the Corporation of Cork did the refurbishment work designed by T.F.MacNamara.

The market has been trading since the late 1780's, and has survived wars, the Famine and revolutions and still going strong today.

The market has traditional food from Cork as well as a wide variety of food from around the world. One of the favourites of food from Cork is Tripe and Drisheen and also Crubeens or pig's trotters.

There are also stalls with traditional vegetables, hot buttered eggs, fruit and vegetables, cheese and lots more.

There are some traditional butchers as well as stalls with confectionery, home made chocolates and organic produce.

These days the market sells food of a very high standard, together with a warm and friendly service. If you are visiting Cork for the day, The market is one of the must visit places in the city, especially if you like foods from exotic places.

The market has an atmoshere that reminds you of times gone by, and yet has a modern feel to it as well.

The areas upstairs have eating places such as restaurants and cafe's, and the food is excellent.

The English market has a several entrances, one from Patrick street, Princes street, Plunket street and the Grand Parade. The market is open all day until about 5.30pm (not Sundays).

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