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The city of Cork (Corcaigh, meaning marshy place) is the second largest city in Southern Ireland. It was originally an island swamp in the estuary of the river Lee.

The River Lee these days flows through Cork city, this is why Cork city has so many bridges. The city started as a monastic area founded by St Finbarr back in the fifteen hundreds.

Cork city has a natural harbour and has been a one of Ireland's busiest and major sea ports.

Cork city attractions include Cork city Gaol which is located
west of the city centre (about 20 minute walk). It dates back to the early nineteenth century.

In the early nineteenth century the Gaol was rebuilt with sandstone quarried and brought down from the hills.

Approach roads were built and outside security walls were built, and by 1818 work on the interior buildings was planned. The Gaol was re-opened in 1824.


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