picture of Carrigaline


Carrigaline is situated about 12.5km from Cork city, approximately 30 minutes drive. It is in an excellent location for discovering County Cork. Carrigaline was world famous for it's pottery.

The pottery industry was started by Hoddie Roberts in the nineteen twenties. He decided that local clay used to make fire bricks could also be used to produce pottery.He also visited Stoke on Trent to get some information and advise on making pottery.

The business expanded and became the major employers in Carrigaline and eventually employed a couple of hundred people until it eventually closed

East of Carrigaline is the Currabinny forest trail and is one of the most popular scenic walks around the Carrigaline area. St John's holy well is a famous historical monumument located just outside the town centre.

One of the main places of historical interest in Carrigaline is the ruins of Carrigaline castle located near the town centre. The castle was built in the twelth century after the Norman occupation of Cork.






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