Cork Shopping

The largest shopping centre in Cork city is Mahon Point with many big brand names including Clarks Shoes, Monsoon, Champion Sports and many more. There is a wide variety of retail in the city, including  family owned local stores, and state of the art shopping centres.

There are many department stores and  cater for everyone, with high class boutiques for the top end of the market, and high street stores for shoppers with lower budgets. There are lots of shopping centres in the suburbs of Cork city, including Douglas, Ballincolig, Mahon and many more.

St Patrick’s Street is the main shopping street in the city centre, which is the second most expensive shopping street in Southern Ireland next to Grafton Street in Dublin. Other areas to shop are Grand Parade and Oliver Plunket Street. Roches Stores and Dunnes Stores are two of the leading department stores in the country, and both have branches in the city centre.

There are a lot of fascinating things to purchase in Cork. In fact, its wide range of products available in the English Market, can get as interesting as the county itself. However, buying gifts in Cork City may require you to spend relatively large sums of money, that is if you do not apply smart shopping techniques. To be able to shop for value, quality, and quantity, the key idea is to find out where to shop.

Before you do your first gift purchase in Cork, you must conduct a careful planning. Your plan has to include the persons to whom you are planning to give your gifts. This will allow you to determine a certain budget to make sure that you do not arrive short of finances in the middle of the shopping. This will also ensure that you will come home with enough for everyone.

What you should look out for in Ireland is its wide variety of crafts, including china; woven items such as shawls, sweaters, throws, and the like; crystal, linens, and a lot of other interesting items you cannot fund elsewhere. You should also consider adding to your list Irish-made soaps, candles, and scents. Other perfect gift items to bag are Celtic-themed pottery products.

The best way to save up on your shopping is to find out where the locals normally shop. Although it may be convenient to just simply make your stop in a specialised souvenir shop, it would add to the significance of the experience to actually immerse in their civilisation and culture while saving up on your purchases. With a fine car to take you to places, you can definitely enjoy shopping in Cork.