Algiers Inn

Baltimore was raided by Algerian Pirates in 1631, and about a hundred locals were captured and brought back to Algeria.

They were forced into slavery, never to be seen again. This action is known as the sack of Baltimore. The famous Algiers Inn (left) is well known for it's delicous bar food.

Baltimore harbour


Baltimore is located approximately 16km from Skibbereen in west Cork. It is a stunning fishing village which attracts many tourists in the Summer months. Many visitors use the port of Baltimore to access the nature reserves of Cape Clear and Sherkin island.


Baltimore has a number of restaurants and pubs Declan McCarthy's is a good pub for live traditional music.

A short stroll from the village is the harbour, where cruise boats and yachts are accomodated.

A short walk from the harbour is Baltimore Beacon2 (a large white structure) built to assist watercraft coming into the harbour.

History: Baltimore (also known in Irish as Dun na Sead) has been a fishing village for thousands of years. The O'Driscoll family were rulers of the area back in the middle ages. The O'Driscoll castle was their home for many years. But after the Battle of Kinsale, the O'Driscoll's land was taken by English immigrants.

Activities:Water sports are particularly attractive for visitors who enjoy wind surfing, diving sailing and fishing. For fishing there are boats available for hire. Baltimore has a diving centre and offers diving courses and advise. There are many Wrecks in the South west of Cork.

Festivals: There is the Baltimore Heritage Festival in April.

The Fiddle fair, the Seafood festival and the Wooden boat building festival which all take place in May every year.

The O'Driscoll Clan gathering takes place in June.

The Sherkin Regatta occurs in July.

In August there is the Deep sea angling festival and also the Baltimore Regatta.

The Cape clear Regatta takes place at the end of August.

The Baltimore walking weekend takes place in October.


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